Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Events This Week in Second Life Feb 12 to Feb 18

Second Life has two holidays this week, in addition to a major demonstration. Tuesday offers a day of revelry, Mardi Gras, which offers both Jazz and masquerade parties, in addition to some more recent "traditions" involving adult themes. Thursday is Valentines Day, in which for most the revelry gives way to quiet romance and special times for couples. Some singles though would prefer to poke fun at the event in "anti-Valentine" parties.  Also on Valentines Day is "One Billion Rising," part of a worldwide demonstration in support of womens rights and against violence to women. And there is the usual list of DJ and live music parties, book & poetry readings, church services (maybe Wednesday Lent events), talk shows, and races.

See the list of happenings, holiday and otherwise, in Events this Week.

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