Saturday, February 16, 2013

SL Video: "Arcade Series III In SecondLife "

From Aeonix Aeon of the Andromeda Media Group, his latest series of video arcade games, "A quick video showing off the Arcade Series III arcade cabinets in Second Life. Only Polybius is available on Marketplace, but I'm willing to trade it in-world for the others. Some are playable in-world while others are just videos on the screen. All have outbound playable links for your browser. Marketplace Listing: All arcade cabinets are modeled in mesh with an average Land Impact of 8. Realistic dimensions and cabinet plans were used, as well as extensive work for the graphics. Currently, they are being prepared for a free-play arcade soon to open in Second Life, recapturing some of that 80s arcade feel when opened. A custom building is being created for this purpose and is current a work in progress. For more information or the current Series III Arcade list, contact Aeonix Aeon in Second Life. Custom orders and projects are also considered upon review."

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