Monday, February 18, 2013

Quicktips "Connecting With Second Life Communities"

In the latest of Linden Lab's "Quicktips" videos, Linden Lab shows how to find and join up with a community.

Millions of people have registered for Second Life -- so chances are pretty good that there’s a community that shares your interest or hobby inworld. Connecting with people who share your interests is easier when you know how to efficiently explore the thousands of Groups and Destinations inside Second Life.

To learn more about how to find friends and connect to conversations that share your interests, watch the QuickTips tutorial video at:

There are other ways to find communities. Some have their own blogs, or have a prominent resident whom makes the community the main focus of his/her blog, such as Lunar of Steelhead. They can also get attention such as being a presence at a major Second Life event, such as Second Life Birthdays and Relay For Life fundraisers. And of course they can get the attention of Second Life Newser.

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