Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quicktips - "Finding Interesting Places and Recent Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide"

This week's Quicktips talks about using the inworld "Search" function, and the Destination Guide on Linden Lab's Second Life website.

Looking for something to do in Second Life? With thousands of places to visit, how do you find the one you’re looking for? This week’s QuickTips video tutorial provides tips on using Search, Events and the Destination Guide to seek and find the cool places you want to explore. Watch our newest QuickTips video tutorial here

Every week our Destination Guide editorial team pores through the many awesome submissions for new locations and events. Below are a few of the newest Destination Guide entries that stuck with us. They could be an alien invasion through darklit corridors, an intricately detailed fantasy setting or even a surreally romantic metallic swamp. So if you’re looking for something to stimulate that creative spark, why not take a look below? Or join in the fun and submit your own?

There are other ways to discover new places on the Grid. One can do a websearch ong Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. for the numerous Second Life realted blogs and websites. And of course there's the Second Life Newser's Places section.

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