Monday, November 23, 2015

Press Release: 7th Annual Toys 4 Tots

The 2015 Toys4Tots season in Second Life is in full swing and now it's time for for the Seventh Annual Toys 4 Tots Breedables Expo and Fair,  scheduled for November 21st - 29th.  The event will cover 2 sims, both dedicated to all Breedables in SL and also non-breedable vendors/sellers. Events will include live performers, raffles, and one very special auction.

A full schedule of events and totals raised to date can be found on our website:

If you would like to get your own set of fundraising tools- kiosks, sale vendors, etc. Please contact Rocky Hillburton, Marissa Goodliffe, or Shannon Hillburton (Shannon Dubratt).

You can also join the inworld group, Annual T4T Christmas Benefit here:
Just copy and paste the group key in local.

Thank you for all of your support for Toys4Tots!!

ToYs for ToTs  sponsored by WK Wild Kajaera, Escape to Jupiter (221, 126, 22)

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