Friday, November 6, 2015

G & R Clothing and Accessory Mall

By Wesley Regenbogen

On the 10th of March,  2015, Rolandk67 Resident started construction of “G and R Clothing and Accessory Mall.”  He and GOLDI LUXORY ESTATES ( goldilocks45 ) are the co-owners of the store. G and R stands for Goldi and Roland. Roland also did the decoration of the store.

Roland and Goldi in the past had another store in Second Life. But Real Life situations made it impossible to run. So they reluctantly closed it. The idea to create the store came from both avatars like selling goods in real life. So they decided to build a new store together.

 What makes this store special is that they have reasonable prices for their clothing ranging from 3 L$ to L$ 399, both men's and women's outfits. And they also offer full outfits that come with shoes and jewelry. They are planning to do avatar restyling in the future. But they are still working on it for now. They also plan to give out monthly gifts, and place Lucky Chairs in the store.

To inform their customers about their store and what is happening, they use ad boards in Second Life, as well as classifieds and they also IM their friends to check out their store. They have partnered up with some creators to have a kind of a shop-in-shop experience as well. This is a good concept, in my opinion.

On the landing point, there’s a stairway that leads to the first floor and from there are other floors as well. The owners were so kind to give me a guided tour of the store. Here’s an overview of the store, floor by floor :

On the first floor ( the ground floor  ) there’s a ladies-only store with complete sets, which include the following : shoes,  biker clothes,  jeans with jacket shirts, all for the price range between L$ 3 to L$ 99, created by Dafnis Fashions.

They also have a variety of mesh hairs in various colors ranging from L$ 199 for the single color ones and L$ 399 for the full pack with color mesh hairs.

For women that like slink shoes, they have them for the low price of L$ 199, which are created by LC Fasions Designs.

They also  have clothing from A&J mesh and non mesh complete set  with  very detailed textures  for L$ 399.

On the second floor we have a Christmas holiday section for women in Christmas complete sets from L$ 49 to L$ 99

Also have from Pari Perentis designs we have complete women's clothing from L$ 49 to L$299.

Wanting to complete your Christmas scene environment?  They have a snow complete weather system included in our holiday section which comes with a HUD as well.

"We also have have men's clothes and men's shoes for a reasonable price."

On the third floor they have men and women’s jewelry from L$99 to L$ 150.

Addiction Fashions complete set with shoes for L$ 99.

They also have Immercheon clothing for reasonable price.

"For the guys we have men's clothes complete outfits and shoes also from Kingbals Fashions for a reasonable price come and check us out. You will be glad you did !"

In October, they offered Halloween Costumes. With December not far away, they now have a selection of Christmas gowns.

Personally, I haven’t bought anything from shops in SL, but I will surely try it out maybe soon. Although, I’m not much of a shopper. If not, I will surely look around in this store.

Check out the store at this location !  :

Wesley Regenbogen

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