Thursday, November 12, 2015

Winter Festival at Creations for Parkinson's

This week, Creations for Parkinson's is having it's Winter Festival. There already have been a number of events, attracting many people over to enjoy the music and dance.

Have fun with your friends in the ice and snow at the Winter Festival for Team Fox November 6-15th on Creations Park. Enjoy Ice skating over a full sim of frozen ice. Sled or ski down the mountain. Dance to the daily live music. Experience the finest amusement rides, many you have never seen before. Get a head start on Holiday shopping. Best of all feel the joy at this special place built with love.

Activities include live music events, including some international musicians, ice skating, "We don't have just a little frozen pond, we have created an entire sim for ice skating," shopping, "there are 10 shops with high quality fashions and festive creations," a hunt with free gifts, and amusement rides, "The very finest Fun Fair Rides are provide by the amazing D.A.R.E. team (Dutch Amusement Ride and Entertainment). You will experience rides you have never seen before in SL!"

For those who missed "Back to the Future Day" on October 21, Barbie Alchemi, the owner of Creations, pictured left with her mother enjoying the events, says they'll be having a "Back to the Future" event in April, in honor of Michael J. Fox, for whom Team Fox is named after.

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