Sunday, November 22, 2015

Press Release: Steamlands Halloween Decorating Contest Winners

Tally ho - Steamlanders far and wide!

The 2015 Spoopy Steamlands Halloween Decorating contest was a resounding success, and the results are in - your votes have been tallied!

First, I want to acknowledge that without the generous donations of time and effort by Fauve Aeon who created the event poster, the event trophies, and extended the event - beyond prior years - out to encompass all of the Steamlands, this event would not have happened.  Secondly I want to heap accolades upon Herr Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, also without whom this event could not have transpired, through his dedication to provide Town and Shire announcements to send out the decree unto all the Steamlands, and procurement of the neutral vote tally~ment.

So without further ado Maestro, timpani roll, please!

First place goes to... pause for dramatic effect...
Softpaw's Indoor Tea Garden!
'I never knew tea could be this frightening!'

Second place goes to: Bleue Lacroix
'Loved how over the top this ended up being. Fun, scary, and treats!'

Third place goes to: Sneaky Sam
'Wonderful layout, amazing pieces and really great place to hang out with friends.'

But wait that's not all; there's a special award!  The Dauphine's Golden Key Award goes to...
Softpaw's Indoor Tea Garden for 'delightfully creepy atmosphere'!

And there you have it, a first in the annals of a united Steamlands Halloween decorating competition, where you, Steamland residents of hither and yon, contributed your building creativity and cast yer ballots to decide the outcome!

Stay tuned for future events, and we hope to see you all next year for a redux!

This event was brought to you by the Councillors of the City of Steelhead, the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach, Fauve Aeon, and Bleue Lacroix.

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