Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Memorial Service For Shady Fox This Sunday

Zayn Till posted the following announcement about plans for the memorial service for Shady Fox, who passed away last Saturday.

* * * * *

The Raglan Memorial Service for Shady will be held this Sunday at 12pm Noon SLT at Shady's Athen Shire land with space across the canal at the Sillicube™ for folks to also attend.

There will be a short service at which point we will move to the Heron Shire forest to dedicate a memorial in Shadys name by the Stillpink memorial. After this you are all invited to attend a day and night long afterparty to celebrate Shady's story and legacy, and which will feature live music from Frogg and Jaycatt as well as Keeba plus the cadre of DJs to keep the party going.

We are having this at 12 pm so that all the many, many, many, friends of Shady who have known him in Raglan Shire and Second Life and online in all its many incarnations AND who live over seas can have the opportunity to attend. 12 pm SLT is 9pm in Denmark, 8pm in the UK etc which is already a bit late. Anyone who cannot attend at 12 pm can attend the party and share their stories of Shady.

Look for LM/locations a few days before.

* * * * *

OldeSoul invited anyone who had questions to contact him, or RacerX Gullwing. 

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