Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shady Fox Has Died

Sad news for friends of Shady Fox (Russell Schwartz in real life). Yesterday evening, his brother Randal Schwartz announced that he had passed away.

My brother Shady Fox, holding his mother's hand, passed peacefully at 3:45pm today.

My younger brother "Shady Fox" has had terminal bladder cancer for 4 months. He passed away today in a hospice, holding his mother's hand, and quietly in peace. I will miss him.

The Newser found out about Shady's illness in late December.  He had been diagnosed with cancer in early October and his last post on his Facebook page was in early November. Following the announcement of his passing, the page was soon filled with numerous tributes.  "SL and the world has lost a wonderful DJ and person today. R.I.P. Shady Fox. You fought valiantly. You are already sorely missed."

"God bless you Shady, and may you enjoy eternal rest. Thank you for all the music and friendship you shared."

"Thank you my good friend, for being there for me when I needed to just sit and cry. Your sock puppets n' beautiful purple eyes brought me such comfort. I'm holding you and your family in my heart and in my prayers."

"Shady Fox, my heart is broken. I'm so happy you're done hurting, I'm so glad for the pain being gone. But I hurt because I miss you, and wish you could comfort me. I know that sounds stupid, but it's how I feel. I miss our talks, I miss dancing with you, I miss so much. Everyone is thinking about you and missing you, we're trying our best to hold your whole family in our constant thoughts. I just want you to know how much you're loved, and always will be. I miss you."

"RIP Shady Fox! I love you bacon face!!! no one played as many Rick Springfield songs for me as you did, sometimes when I didn't even ask. I won't forget all the fun times in Second Life as well as gaming together on steam. How you would always have the cheats and help me win, kind of like when you would help me win Cheesi game/tournaments in Shire! what a blast we had killing zombies (even though one time you just ditched me and Kage Stratten mid zombie hoarde) and how much fun we all had playing Far Cry 4. EGULL! watch the talons!! Rhino! it's charging!! You were always so kind and sweet to me. I'll never forget when I thought I was moving to Portland (which later fell thru) and got excited over all the touristy things we were goin to do together. you went silent and i thought oh gee I'm being overwhelmingly annoying but you said to me 'Yeah!!! I can finally get a real life hug!' that prob the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me. and you still owe me that hug buddy! I won't forget our last convo either, how you (not me) referenced to us talking 2 other times that week. we hadn't but I dream't of you, and you brought up things we spoke about in those dreams. that is how I was able to say all those very tough, emotional things to you in our last call. I told you even though you knew you were dying that you would live on in my heart as well as so many others forever. and I told you whatever came next, and I believe there is a next, you will be ok. I know in my heart you are finally out of this pain! Oh and this needs to be said. F**K CANCER. just f**k it. first Bowie, then Snape and now Shady Fox! Going to sign off this message with song you played at end of all your DJ sets, from The Producers, Goodbye. Adios, au revoir, wiedersehen."

 Luskwood had the following announcement by Death Berger, "I unfortunately have to tell you guys with deep sorrow that Shady Fox just has passed away after losing his fight against cancer. Lets take a moment to be with him and his family in our thoughts. Shady Fox was doing the scifi theatre in lusk for many years, he made many friends and will be greatly missed. He passed peacefully, holding his mom's hand."

The Newser was contacted by RacerX Gullwing, of the Giant Snail Races that Shady had been a part of, "He was a great guy was always helping out everyone he knew. Managed to get tiny seating for us at the races and ran the streaming sound when Safra left.  But having him on the show... Well we were very lucky to have him."

At Raglan Shire, there was a gathering of people getting together, reminiscing about Shady, "Now i'm bawling my eyes out all over again - that was a beautiful story Summer." "At least he not in any pain anymore, he is at peace now." "I know he's with StillPink and Fox Obviate having a heck of a Raglan Reunion." "Singing 'Dance Magic Dance' with Dave and Alan and Lemmy." "We are all feeling the loss of a great person and friend one of the kindnest humans me ever known." "Thanks for sharing memories of Shady.  He will be greatly missed but never forgotten and will always be in our hearts."

Nearby, a makeshift memorial was being set up for Shady, people putting up pictures and objects of his. This included his "trading card," as well as one huge picture blown up to giant size.

An inworld memorial service is being planned for Shady Fox, possibly at Raglan. The time and place have yet to be revealed.

"Goodnight  Shady Fox!"

Bixyl Shuftan

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