Friday, January 22, 2016

Announcement: 2016 Christian Music Festival

On Jan 24th at 2pm SLT, The Bowl at Origen's Hollywood Venues will be hosting its first annual Christian Music Festival. And it couldn't start out with a more distinguished line up of performers.

Earlier this month, both The Pink Vampire and Luciano Lionheart were name two of the top three vocalists in the 2015 Live Music Awards. They will be presenting both traditional and contemporary Christian music for a time of reflection and praise.

Christopher Quan and David Csiszer are well known around the grid for their ability to remind people who God is and what he has done for them through Jesus. Their music that always touches the heart and mind.

Please join us for this special event two-hour event with Second Life’s top vocalists.
The 2016 Christian Music Festival.

For more information, check "The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater" group or contact: Origen Resident

Source: SL Enquirer

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