Thursday, January 7, 2016

Announcement: "Alien Exosociology: Our Transgalactic Commonalities"

The Science Circle Presents:

Title: "Alien Exosociology: Our Transgalactic Commonalities"
Facilitator: Dr. Steven R. Van Hook / Kip Roffo in SL
When: Saturday, January 9th, 2016
Time: 10 am PST (SL time)  /  7 pm CET  /  3 am JST  /  5 am AEDT

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Abstract online:
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Hosts: Areyn Laurasia and Chantal

Some astronomers predict that we will have made contact with advanced civilizations on other worlds within 25 years. What might they look like, and -- more importantly – how might they act?

Dr. Steven R. Van Hook (Kip Roffo), a researcher in transcultural relations, will consider what universal traits we could share in common with our galactic alien neighbours. Steven has taught courses in cross-cultural communications and global affairs for the University of California and other universities in the United States and abroad. He’s been a newspaper columnist, radio talk show host, TV news anchor, and television bureau chief in Moscow covering the fall of the Soviet Union 1990-91. He has a PhD specializing transcultural education, and has research published in scholarly journals including UNESCO’s Prospects.

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