Saturday, January 16, 2016

“Moulin Rouge” At The Roseland Theater

There is a new performance at the Roseland Theater that is lots of fun. It is “Moulin Rouge”. It is a delightful musical review of music from the movie Moulin Rouge (2001) The stage sets are marvelous from beginning to end. The scenery is changed for each piece of music and is lovely. The costumes are charming and reminiscent of 1900. The set and costume changes were so swift it was amazing to watch. The dances are diverse and the choreography wonderful.

Angelus Llorien (BarefootBrit Resident) owner of the theater played the part of Ewan McGregor,a Scottish writer, the hero of the show. Semina Llorien (Semiina Resident) producer, played the part of Satine, a terminally ill actress with whom Ewan falls in love. In the end Satine does die but not before they affirm their love. The liveliness of the music keeps everyone aware of the times in Paris 1900. The movie won many awards including best music so I know you will enjoy it.   

The next showing of Moulin Rouge will be Sunday January 24 at 1:00pm slt. Makes for a great Sunday afternoon! If you are looking for a show this Sunday another performance of “Peter Pan” is scheduled.The entrance to the theater is

Gemma Cleanslate

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