Thursday, January 21, 2016

Press Release: A Stand For Hope

Though the official season does not kick off until March 6th, those of us in the fashion and events world know you have to start planning early. And so we’re hitting the ground running with an invitation to all across the music, art, and fashion worlds to join in on an amazing enterprise. A Stand for Hope is committing itself to a season of fun and fundraising as we celebrate our survivors, honor the fighters, and collaborate in high fashion to put an end to cancer.

Each month we’ll be doing at least one major event and we’re looking for talented individuals to join us. There will be opportunities for all to participate in dj competitions, photography exhibitions, fashion shows, dance festivals, and more. There’s even a competition for those amazing builders out there to strut their stuff. It is going to be an incredible six month venture that begins in March and goes through August, with a phenomenal awards to round out the season.

What we are currently seeking are:

Live Musicians
Production Team
Event Organizers

There is a quick and easy application, found here:!application/ludxo

All are welcome to apply and we look forward to creating an incredible series of events.

Are you an organization interested in being a media partner with A Stand for Hope? Let us know! Please contact Catalina Staheli and we can sit down and discuss the opportunity.

Contact: Catalina Staheli

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