Monday, October 3, 2016

Second Life Newser Wins Award of Excellence, "Voted #1 in News And Current Events"

While some Second Life publications concentrate on a single subject, such as fashion, the Second Life Newser has striven to cover a variety of subjects about the people, places, and events across the grid, and doing so on a daily basis. Innovative Second Life saw our work, and considered it the best in covering "news and current events."

We chose the SL Newser as the #1 news source because it is a well constructed webzine offering residents news about current events, innovative products, press releases and informative articles. Covering Second Life's current news and real life matters of concern that effect SL.

Innovative Second Life ( call themselves, "a blog covering SL news, event's, helpful tips, great destinations and innovative products. We are an in-world group of real life writer's, photographers, editors and publisher's who love sharing everything about our wonderful virtual world of Second Life. ... The Innovative Second Life Group members are writers, journalist, publishers, photographers and editors in real life. Some of us were brought together when our real life jobs assigned us to research or cover stories about the virtual world of Second Life for tech magazines or human interest stories. While others were part of the original SL media group and it's affiliates. We explore SL and all of it's community's. Research new products and places and listen to other residents about their SL experiences and bring them to our readers."


  1. WooooHoooooo! Congratulations to all the Newser folks!

  2. Congratulations, SL Newser!
    But Innovative Second Life would probably be a more impressive organization if its rank included a proofreader or two. I found about ten mistakes in their descriptive paragraph, mostly misplaced apostrophes.

  3. And I made a typo, lest the grammar Nazis jump on me: "ranks", not "rank".

  4. Congratulations to the SLNewser staff !