Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Goodbye Ladyslipper Constantine

 Dance among the flowers, Ladyslipper. Dance in the rains.
 Dance among the butterflies and dance in the flames.
 Dance to the drum. Dance to the song.
 Dance with your friends as we dance along.

That was the closing by Gentle Heron to a memorial on Saturday that was exquisite in its tribute to a wonderful Lady... Ladyslipper Constantine. The array of speakers introduced first by Eme Capalini showed the extent of the goodness that was Lady that she has spread across the grid for her whole life in Second Life. Everyone who spoke had the same memory of LS as she was known .. a giving helpful person intent on helping anyone who needed it. 
The Drum performed in her honor behind an beam lighted single drum. A whole hour of memories and praise seemed like a few minutes. Everything about the memorial was beautiful from the setting of waterfalls and flowers to the circle of photos of Lady at the entrance and the blending of real life and Second Life in a viewer that played all during the time there . We all held a candle at the end and the light shone from all directions as we stood in silence.  Lady is in the hearts of many and will be there forever. I will miss our chats so much.  
Saffia Widdershins filmed the event and I am sure it will be available soon.
Gemma Cleanslate

Update, the video and transcript are now available:

 (Click here if the video fails to play)

The transcript can be found (here

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