Sunday, October 23, 2016

Temple Burn, Day 2 of the LW13B

 Saturday October 22 was quite a day, with the Burning of the Man at Burn2, and the Luskwood and Trotsdale communities celebrating their anniversaries, their 13th and 5th respectively. But this isn't the end of the fun in these places. The fun continues today as Burn2 holds their Temple Burn and Luskwood holds a couple more events for their anniversary or LW13B.

The Temple Burn will take place twice, at 12 Noon and 6PM respectively, taking place in the southeast corner of the Black Rock sim. At Luskwood, from 2-3:30PM, Alazarin Mondrian will be doing a live music performance at the platform that continues to be called the LW10B build at Perry (126/211/3351)  From 6PM to 7PM, Frogg Marlowe will be performing at the Perry Amphitheatre at Perry (24/212/25). It's possible there may be some last minute additions, so keep an eye on Luskwood's news page.

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