Thursday, July 23, 2020

Memorial to Victims of Covid-19

With the Coronavirus crisis continuing to affect real life with no end in sight, it has affected Second Life in various ways. Recently, I came across a memorial someone set up for those whom perished due to the virus.

Pray for your loved ones who are ill with coronavirus. Put out a free sign and candle. Pray for health care workers. Place a memorial for those who have died of this pandemic. Places of meditation and healing nearby. May God have mercy on our souls!

The memorial is made of up a number of smaller builds. Some are various shrines. In one place was a sink with instructions on how to wash hands thoroughly, One has pictures of some people whom were lost, including Dr. Li Wenliang, whom was the first doctor to try to warn people of the Coronavirus, but was told by his government to keep quiet, until it was too late.

The memorial was set up by Prokofy Neva, and is located in the Atis sim. Trying to teleport over, on one occasion I ended up in a skybox high above the memorial. I ended up having to TP to an adjacent sim and walk over.

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