Friday, July 24, 2020

Matt Carlton Creates Gofundme For Help With Medical Bills

Matt Carlton was a big help to the Relay for Life in Second Life this year, having raised well over a hundred thousand Linden dollars at several events. Now Matt is in need of some help herself. She recently started a Gofundme campaign to help pay some medical bills.

Since around June 6th I have been having lots of digestive issues. I have been to the ER once to be given fluids and have tests ran, then to urgent car twice to have more tests and some xrays an a CT scan done. Apparently something is causing enteritis, or inflammation of my little intestines. I was recently referred to a specialist, and have been scheduled for a colonoscopy set for Aug 19th to try and get a few more answers as to why this is happening. While they will let me make payments, any help with the bills will be greatly appreciated. I set the goal at what my current ct scan bill amount and the estimated Colonoscopy bill combined would be. I know times are hard right now on everyone, and being a driver for Postmates, I have very little income at the moment, esp with not being able to be online as much as needed due to all the doctors visits in the last four weeks and frequent....restroom visits, for lack of a nicer what to put it. I am able to work a bit as of recently at least. I thank you much for the help, and even if the goal is not reached, anything helps right now, even if it just pays a bill for one of my visits with the specialist or something. Thanks again.

Soon after posting, Matt was in a car accident while riding with a friend. While she wasn't badly hurt, the visit to the hospital did add to her medical bills.

Matt's Gofundme page is located Here.

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