Sunday, July 26, 2020

Burnstock Burn2 Spinnoff Event, All Weekend

Friday 24th, 5pm until Monday July 27th 1am SLT/Pacific Time

It's BURNSTOCK and the Burn2 Playa is filled with cool things to do, including live performers, dj's, a fashion show, and a performance by the Changhigh Sisters, There is also a motorcycle rally and show (bring yours!), that fabulous Thunderdome, and more. Want to wrestle in the mud with a friend? We got that too!

This is our annual fundraiser for our Octoburn sims, so if you see a FUEL THE BURN donation kiosk on the playa this weekend, drop in some Linden Love... Burn2 Octoberburn is  Oct 9th - 18th so come back for moar then too

Sunday, July 26
9:00am      DJ John @ Burnstock Stage
12:00pm    Alchemelic @ Burnstock Stage
1:00pm      Fashionistas@Burn2
3:00pm      djtitters @ Burnstock Stage
5:00pm      Effinjay @ Burnstock Stage
7:00pm      Female @ Burnstock Stage
9:00pm      Synthesthesia @ Burnstock Stage
11:00pm     i0n @ Burnstock Stage

July 24-26th on Burn2 Playa

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