Friday, July 24, 2020

SL17B Sims Offline

And so, it's finally over.

Originally scheduled to close on Monday July 13, the sims of the Second Life Seventeenth Birthday got an extension for another week. So they remained open to all until Midnight July 19. They were open a few more days for exhibitors to pick up their displays, or admire the works of others one more time. Mischievous Mole would post the following:

The Estate is open through Sunday, July 19th for people to come in and continue to explore. The practical side of this is DON'T take down your exhibits yet! You can clean up your parcels July 20-22. Thanks everyone for a great Birthday! I hope everyone had a good time. I would love to hear any feedback you have about how things worked and what you thought of the layout this year.

Wednesday July 22 was the last day, and the sun set on the SL17B grounds for the final time. Sometime after Midnight, the sims were taken offline, and anything left there was frozen in place.

It was a great SL17B, and here's looking forward to SL18B.

Bixyl Shuftan

Addition: I heard Friday night that the exhibitors had their objects returned. 

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