Thursday, December 19, 2013

Andrew Linden Anounces His Leaving Linden Lab

At the inworld Simulator Users group meeting on Tuesday December 17th, Andrew Linden announced he would be leaving Linden Lab in two days (today). He is quoted as saying, “This is going to be my last User Group meeting as a Linden: I’ve decided to leave LL and pursue other things. I’ve really enjoyed these User Group meetings, which is why I’ve been showing up all these years.”

Andrew's profile lists him as having been employed since April 2002, while Second Life was still in it's beta, for eleven years and six months (longer than Philip Linden, who hired him, served). He described himself as "a C++ developer at Linden Lab. I work mostly on the SL servers and backend architecture." He wasn't normally available for most support issues, but was a regular at the once a week meetin to "answer questions about server bugs, architecture, and the current state of development in LL."

After today, Andrew will be heading off for High Fidelity to once again work with Philip Rosedale (the former Philip Linden), ”I’m going to join Philip and his new project. Not because I don’t love SL or am not excited about what LL is working on, but because I’m ready for a change, and I really like working with Philip.”

Inara Pey described Andrew, whom consistently appeared as a balding man dressed in a purple t-shirt and shorts as well-mannered and polite, "In the time I’ve been attending the Simulator User Group meeting (formerly the Server/Sim/Scripting group), Andrew has always been polite, inquisitive and helpful to all, and demonstrated a willingness to readily delve into issues and see what he can find and / or put right. In response to the direct enquiries I’ve put to him in the past, he’s always been more than helpful in his replies, willing to provide concise explanations and offer additional information and guidance." He's also worked on the recent Project Sunshine server-side programs to improve viewer performance on newer computers. "Also of late, Andrew has worked on a number of anti-griefing measures within the platform," and has been working on projects that should appear in viewer updates early in 2014.

Sources: Daniel Voyager, Modem World, Natales' Things and Stuff  

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