Friday, December 27, 2013

Press Release: Wounded Warriors Fundraiser Concert this Sunday

This Sunday evening December 29 we will be conducting the last of this year's Wounded Warriors benefits. What a lineup ...

PonDman Haalan 5 PM SLT
David Csiszer 6 PM SLT
Frets Nirvana 7 PM SLT
Max Kleene at 8 PM SLT!

It is my hope that everyone that can will come and support this great cause ...we are targeting sending $13000 RL to Wounded Warriors this year and this is our last chance to hit it. Year to date we have sent a little over $12000 to WWP. So we need to get those donation jars to at least 225k Linden on Sunday night ….the equivalent of about $900 to hit $13000 in 2013. This is a high target but we have done it before. Second Life you can do it!

And what a great way to end 2013 ….giving back to those who allow us to have holidays that are free and secure ….with a total figure that matches the year!

If it is in your heart to help please come and donate. If you cannot come but want to help support ….give a donation to a friend (I am available ) and have them put it in for you. It would be a proud day in Second Life if we can meet that target of $13000 for 2013.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped and continue to support this great cause. God Bless our military service personnel! 

The event will be at Veterans Isle (73/216/23)

From Frets Nirvana

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