Friday, December 6, 2013

Press Release: Relay For LIfe Breedable Auction This Sunday Dec 8

Returning to Second Life this wonderful Holiday season, the Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair is proud to present the RFL Breedable Collectors Auction with Nynaveve Wirefly!  This year’s auction features an unequaled selection of One-of-a-Kind items from the biggest names in breedables!

EVERY item is special in some way, a must-have for breedable collectors across the grid, and ALL proceeds benefit RFL!

1. Meeroos
2. BioBreeds
3. Amaretto Breedables
4. Bands of Cypher
5. Charmed Breedables Fashions
6. Breedables Paradies Market
7. ABC Horses
8. Evo Breeding
9. Dwarfins
10. Ozimals
11. Gothic Breedables
12. CannabiSL
13. JingJings
14. KittyCats
15. PlantPets
16. Mossms
17. Odyssey
18. Wild Kajaera


ALL INTERESTED BIDDERS MUST PRE-REGISTER TO TAKE PART IN THE LIVE BIDDING!  There will be a silent auction on the items starting Tuesday, December 3, and ending on Midnight, Saturday, Dec 7.  This will aid in the LIVE portion of the auction on Sunday, Dec 8.  The highest bid from the Silent Auction will be the starting bid for the Live Auction.

Please visit for more information!

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  1. Looking forward to another great Relay season. Kickoff is coming up and we hope you plan on coming back for more!