Saturday, October 31, 2015

Firestorm and Madpea to Launch Community Gateway, Launch Party Today

Besides Welcome Island, over Second Life's history some locations have had their own welcome areas for newcomers to provide some basic information and maybe a gift or two. Indeed for the first several years of the Grid, this was encouraged by Linden Lab under a program "enabling them to steer incoming users directly to their own orientation / support environment, and thus provide them with assistance and hands-on support in getting started in SL." But it was discontinued in August 2010.

In September, Inara Pey reported that Linden Lab was planning to bring back the Community Gateway program. "The idea is that the new registrant would begin their time in SL in the experience that matches their interest," Patch Linden was quoted as saying. Among the groups involved with the testing was Firestorm. Recently it was announced that Madpea was joining up with them, " we’re delighted to be teaming up with Jessica Lyon and the Firestorm team on their project to produce a Community Gateway for new residents to Second Life. Community Gateways will provide a rich, learning environment for new residents. Showing them how to use their viewers, how to interact, how to develop as an avatar and, with MadPea’s help…how to play games and have an amazing SL experience."

To celebrate, Team Firestorm is combining their Halloween celebrations with a "Gateway Launch Party," "The biggest Firestorm Halloween celebration to date will be this Saturday Oct 31st with live performances from Seth Regan (Mankind Tracer) @ 1PM, Nance Brody @ 2PM and Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow @ 3PM. Then at 4pm DJQuad spins tunes and we open the massive month-long Halloween hunt with amazing content from over 150 well-known Second Life merchants."

The event will also be the kickoff for their "Spooky Nights Hunt organized by the Huntress Spooky Mistwallow purposed to create awareness of the gateway regions and what they offer by encouraging existing users to explore."

The locations for the party are Firestorm Showcase (239/17/26), Firestorm SB (18/17/26), /Firestorm HS1 (240/242/26) and Firestorm HS2 (20/240/26).

Bixyl Shuftan

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