Monday, October 12, 2015

Press Release: Trotsdale Library Horror Writing Contest

It is time once again for a writing contest with the Trotsdale Library. This is open to everyone.

Theme: Horror

Length: Shorts

Deadline: Oct 31, 2015


Number of submissions: up to 3!

What we are looking for:
Please no one liners. We will be judging on structure, recognizable characters, dialog, setting, tone, style, and point of view. It is suggested that you also have proof read and edited your submission(s) before turning them in. Nothing hugely graphic. Great gouts of blood does not a horror story make, that's called a mess.

Prize: You will get to pick your favorite library reader to read your winning entry. Depending on the reader there may be a wait list as some can only read at certain times and some must prerecord. There is also a donation pile on the table in the Trotsdale Library where community members can contribute to a $L prize pool to also go to the winner. The total has been reset for the new contest as last contest's prizes have already gone out.

Number of winners: Only one this time.

Where to submit: There will be boxes in the usual places: The Trotsdale Library, and one over in the ASA parcel.

Trotsdale Library, Trotsdale Heights (22, 156, 24)
Astral Coalition and Project Catfort Art Gallery, Computer (60, 155, 25)

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