Thursday, October 1, 2015

Press Release: "Think Pink Thursdays"

Are you ready for MSABC...
Are you ready to fight breast cancer...?

MSABC Committee presents... THINK PINK THURSDAYS

To promote the awareness of breast cancer throughout Second Life, we are encouraging all users to proudly show a piece of pink clothing on their avatars, starting October 1st! Each week will have a different piece of clothing to be featured as pink. You can make your own pink clothing, or you can purchase from the Vendors at ACS Island!

For three of the Thursdays the Committee will present an event with a DJ and a Contest of BEST IN PINK! The other two Thursdays, send Rowena Dubrovna a picture of you and your friends (full perm)  in pink! At the end of the season, a photo album and slide show will be presented!! Join us today!!

We encourage you to host your own events at venues on the two non Committee Thursdays- flaunt that pink!

First “Think Pink Thursday” event:
Thursday, October 1st- SHIRTS
MSABC Committee Presents International Pink
hosted by the Foundation
DJs from 2-4 and 4-6

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