Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ghost Stories at Steelhead

On Monday October 26, a few of Steelhead's residents headed back to the old estate area for a little ghost storytelling. The place being abandoned seemed to add a little to the eerie feel from the darkness, Halloween being just around the corner, and the spooky specter that was circling nearby.

Riven Homewood entertained the small group which had gathered near the fire with a couple spooky tales,  "Connon Alberecht's Scrapbook," and "The Sandman."

With the Steelhead Estates facing deletion any day by Linden Lab since the beginning of the month, the community has largely moved on to Ravenwood Forest . Still, residents are still coming back to see their old home while it still stands. It's possible this may be one of the last events held there.

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