Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Press Release: Darkwood Castle Turns Five

Editor's Note: Darkwood Castle is an adult-themed roleplay area, with graphic details such as torture and violent death. so prepare yourself for blood if you head here.

DC5B - Darkwood Castle is 5 Years Old

It all started with a small dungeon, which was initially set up as a skybox. Over the past five years, Darkwood Castle has expanded to cover a whole sim,  offering a home to enthusiasts of a special type of role play.

Using the maxim: "5 years of Darkwood Castle - 5 Days Party" we would love to celebrate with the whole SL community! We have rented an additional area on which the event will take place from 21st - 25th October inclusive. This will allow us to showcase some of the historical developments which have led to the Darkwood of today.

There is a varied program, including the following:

▷ Dream, be amazed and chill out at the Darkwood Stage when famous live musicians (including Cyberpiper, Clyde Barrow, Aminius Writer and others) will entertain you;

▷ Dance on the Bunker Stage to an eclectic mix of some of SLs best and most original DJs;

▷ Listen, question and be informed during gripping talks and lectures in the Auditorium;

▷ Watch and experience first hand the two-hour RP-show "The Darkwood Games":

▷ Discover new things in the exhibition, presenting the latest developments by developers of Adult-RP accessories;

▷ Reminisce on the History Walk, experiencing some essential stages in the development of Darkwood Castle;

▷ Enjoy art with in a exhibition of paintings;

▷ Enjoy the DC5B gifts.

Take a peek for yourself, the entire program for the five days is attached!

So!, October 21st - 25th, don't forget! We look forward to greeting you! Bring your friends!
There's more information in the Welcome Area of the DC5B Festival region, or just ask one of the DC5B staff, wearing their red T-shirts.

See you there!

Devils Cave (105, 131 23)

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