Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunweaver/Angel Community Highlights For 2016

Last week, the Newser had its Year in Review of Second Life. But only a few things were mentioned about it's adopted home area, the Sunweaver/Angels Community. So what happened in our neck of the virtual woods?

Marusame Arai was interviewed by Koatu Magazine.

Becky Shamen filmed a video of the Sunweaver Estates.

Nydia Tungsten filmed a number of music videos, such as "Chemical Rush," "Straight Up,"and "Wild Thing."

The Sunny Beach sim had a makeover as it's new owner made it the home of "Mythical Woods" and the "Gathering Oak" hangout.

The Happy Vixen and Club Cutlass were remodeled.

There were special events such as the Halloween party, the "Twisted Christmas" party, Guy Fawkes Night, the "Cheesy" game tournament, the New Year's Eve party, and more.

Cynthia Farshore built a new hangout in her Pacific Waters sim, the "Goblin Cave."

Jenni Greenfield constructed the Crystal Tower.

The Feral Theater was remodeled.

RECoyote Mindes helped the Sunweaver and Angel sims get their reduced "Grandfathered" rates by paying the fees.

The Primal Passions castle club closed, as was Club Fur, the oldest furry-themed club in Second Life.

Nydia Tungsten's mother passed away. Cynthia Farshore's father also passed.

A number of Relay for Life events were held, including the air show and road rally at Farshore Field, Becky Shamen's "Bid Me Bald" aka the "Harecut," and the "Fox Avatar Challenge."

The Sunweaver/Angels' Team Sunbeamer in the Relay would go on to build an exhibit at the Relay for Life "Relay Weekend" track, which would win the "Cancer Education Awareness Award," and the team would go on to reach Platinum rank for the first time ever.

The Second Life Newser would win an Award For Excellence.  The Newser would also gain Farshore Radio as a sponsor.

It's been an eventful year for the Sunweaver/Angel communities, with a few sad happenings, but also a number of happy and great ones.

Here's to a great 2017 for the collection of artists, writers, builders, designers, clothesmakers,  musicians, jokers, and general misfits whom make of one of Second Life's most noted communities.

Bixyl Shuftan

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