Monday, January 23, 2017

Second Life Resident Dreams of Auditioning For "The Voice"

A few people have been talking about the movie "Sing." But one Second Life has dreams of singing on stage in real life. The catch, she could use a little help getting there.

The Newser was recently informed by one of it's readers that Ghost Hatter Firehaven (Ladycherokee Wetherby), had started a gofundme page under her real-life identity of Lasca Brandow. The objective, to raise enough money to get to the February 4rth audition of "The Voice," a singing competition reality television show. The event takes place in Las Vegas.

"I am told I should by a lot of people when I sing," Ghost told me of where she got the idea of getting on "The Voice," going on to say she sings much in real life, "Karaoke places. I love it. When I do the blues I am told I should go for 'The Voice,' and I am told I have a lot of heart when I sing." She says she sings most everything from blues to rock.

Ghost mentioned her mother in the gofundme page, "My late Mother always wanted me to do something with my voice." This included being on TV, "doing one of the contests, or doing voice overs."

Ghost hopes to raise a total of $540 USD. She hopes to have the money by February 2.

Bixyl Shuftan

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