Friday, December 14, 2018

Announcement: Caledon Oxbridge University Christmas Winter Fundraiser

Greetings, all! The Caledon Oxbridge Universities Christmas Winter fundraiser will be on the 15 th of December!

 On the 15th we will have two dances,  at 1 p.m. SLT and  at 7 p.m. SLT. Ms Cynthia Farshore will be our DJ at both events. We will have random prizes given out at both events. I do hope you can join us as we have 2 hours of music at each event.

More may be added as get closer to the event. Feel free to join us at our fundraiser build constructed by Star for our use. Land and prims donated by Caledonian nights.

Your SURL to the site :

Both the main event build and Christmas Park will have donation coins to make it easy to support Caledon Oxbridge, which exists because of public donations that pay its costs.

I have set up for you this year a small park for your enjoyment. It has the Christmas train with multiple sit poses as well as the Christmas Carousel, and along the back of the park are plenty of photo opportunities. You can sit Rudolph, kiss a snowman, stand with carolers, and many more scenes to take your picture in,

Refreshments (hot cocoa, and coffee) , free santas caps, and possibly a few venders will be there.

Ms Stereo Nacht has created a Christmas tree decorating contest, message her for details if interested.

Ms Cynthia Farshore is Duchess of Caledon Downs. She has set up Downs as a great place to explore. She has trails, boating, and has several builds for your enjoyment. She has included a Christmas themed build for you to explore. Here is the landmark to access it.

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