Sunday, December 2, 2018

Terra's Things Love Rug

Thank you for viewing my first release. This is not built with familiarity in mind. Customers who want something built on a familiar system should avoid, this does not use dialog box popups as the center of it's control, No recycled scripts of common systems are involved. No Poseballs, No Dialog Boxes, the Menu is on the Prim and you can control it with that, or get a HUD that can control it.

Cycle through poses and groups of poses with the Menu attached to the Rug, uses menu on a prim that doesn't use dialog boxes and stays hidden until a person sitting on it touches it. Alternatively by accessing the Menu on the Prim you can retrieve a HUD.

The menu being based on a prim can be used internationally, with the intuitive design what should be expected of the menu happens when clicked is what happens, the notecards can easily be modified and the menu texture can easily be altered making translation simple but also not necessary. If you speak multiple languages it can easily be modified to use the language of your partner,Contains a manual with details.

7 Groups of Couples Poses with 5 Poses in each Group.

Quick and Easy to Adjust, No memory of adjustments, The Menu linked you can select the person sitting on it and adjust their position by clicking the arrows or panels it displays, Does not remember position adjustments so other users wont ruin the positioning, If you wish to save your adjustments and need to edit notecards the config notecards are designed to be straight forward and quick loading.

Rug is Modifiable, Contains Modifiable Notecards and Textures, Non-Transferable and copyable, can be backed up before modification, If you make a mistake modifying it you can easily rez a new copy with no loss. Contains Multiple textures which the owner may cycle through for customization.

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