Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Winter Swaginator Hunt, Gift Two

It was about a week ago that residents had one more day to pick of the first of the gifts from Linden Lab's "Gift-Grab" event, or "The Winter Swaginator Hunt." The following day, the Lab would announce the second gift was out for residents to grab. The clue was "Travel the globe to discover this cove, wrap up warm as it’s bound to be cold! Where oh where could your gift be? Have you checked under the town's Christmas tree?"

Although the clue gives Atlas Cove (226/214/26) as the location to go to, where you actually end up is Atlas Cove (226/214/26). But this is actually a better place to start as you just turn and face south, and you're in the direction you need to go.

Go out the door, and then left to face south again, then go through the arch with the word "Winter" over it with the two human-sized nutcrackers. Continue south until you get to the Christmas tree there. The present is next to Atlas Cove (226/214/26). Touch it with the HUD on to get it.

So what is the present this time? It's a set of furniture consisting of a cushioned chair, a couch with a few poses (none of them frisky), a coffee table, and a tray of hot chocolate.

Check the Linden Blog tomorrow for the third gift in the Winter Swaginator Hunt.

Bixyl Shuftan

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