Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Winter Swaginator Hunt, Gift Three Location.

It's the last full day to get gift number three of the "Winter Swaginator Hunt." If you couldn't figure how how to get it by now, here's where it is. First of all, if you haven't gotten the hunt HUD, head to the Winter Wonderland area in Portal Park and get it. If you have the HUD, then good news. The area you need to go is within sight once you land in Portal Park: Linden Realms.

They last part of the clue is "It's hidden nearby a tree that glows." Not too far from the Linden Realms base is the glowing tree in the first part of "The Search For Magellan." The gift box you'll need to touch, with the Swaginator HUD on, is at LR 46 (153/50/41). Oh, and as this is a game area, watch out for bear traps, quicksand traps, rock monsters that want to eat you, and if you're in the area at peak times the "air blobs" can lie around anywhere completely invisible until someone runs over them and gets knocked out back to a regenerator.

Opening the gift box, there are four furniture items. There's a working floor lamp, two rugs, and a bookshelf. The bookshelf has some humorous titles such as "Rolling Restarts," "Cubes, Spheres, and Other Shapes," "Linden Realms Cheats," and more.

Check the Linden Blog tomorrow for the fourth gift in the Winter Swaginator Hunt.

Bixyl Shuftan

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