Monday, December 17, 2018

Exclusive Winter Gift For Premium Accounts by Linden Lab

When Linden Lab announced their Winter Swaginator Hunt, they also stated that "Premium members will see a very special new and exclusive gift"and it would "go with your Winter Swaginator gifts." A few days ago, they announced it was available for pickup, at least for those with Premium accounts. And what is the gift? A winter cabin.

This charming home-away-from-home features a scripted door for added security, extra textures for the exterior, and other features. If you’ve been collecting the weekly Swaginator gifts, you’ll find this cabin in the perfect place to decorate with those gifts or give it your own personal flair with your unique decorative eye.

So if you have a Premium account, head to a Premium Gift Collection Spot and get it. If you're not, trying gets you a message like that on the left. For everyone else, the clue for the final gift in the Winter Swaginator Hunt should appear on the official blog sometime today.

Bixyl Shuftan

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