Thursday, December 6, 2018

HFOT Donations: November 2018

Woah folks ….  during the month of Novemberr, 2018 we sent a little over  $1350 to Homes For Our Troops.  And we have now exceeded last years total of $10,000 with almost $13000 in donations in 2018! 

This is all because of some truly fantastic people.  A big thank you  to: EastBayRay47, LadySmack Gears and all the folks of Legion of Veterans International and Lov MC with events at several different SIMs
RGHangnLo Resident and all the folks and VIPs at Hangin's Hideout
Ravencrisler at the Wellston SIM
Lezil1231 Resident at Kindred Spirit SIM
EdgeSteel Resident at Shadow Shore SIM
Cayleen Linette (Cay's at Woodland Lake)

And a shout out needs to go to the following for their on-going support:

dirkdanger11 Resident (Sky Ranch)
littlebit31okla Resident (Lumiya)
Russell65 Resident (MISFITsNC)
tbranno Resident (Andrew)
All the folks at Tobacco Road Club
Bixyl Shuftan (Purrfection Estates)

And once again we cannot forget Dahlea Milena and Gjackie Winkler that are always so dedicated and helpful with our monthly benefit at Veteran’s Isle.

Then we must finally say a great big thank you to the musicians who really give there heart and song to helping us with this effort.  A big round of applause goes out to the following performers and their managers:

Waya Snowpaw DJ
Savannah Rain
Melenda Baptiste
Winston Auckland
Keeba Tammas
Taj Nishi, Laurie C and all the folks at Keys Management group
FrankLee Anatra and his manager JBird Melodie
Evely Lane and manager Ronald Dunheved

We could not promote this great cause without the help of these great people with very kind hearts.

Let’s make December a truly great holiday season with the spirit of true giving….and hit the $15000 figure this year!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and all the best this holiday season. 
Frets Nirvana

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