Thursday, December 20, 2018

"Shop And Hop" Christmas Shopping Event By Linden Lab

A year ago, Linden Lab held a shopping event for the Christmas holiday season. They're doing it again this year with the "Shop and Hop." The event promises over a hundred merchants, each with a free gift, and over numerous sims filled with shops. The event goes on to Friday January 4

The holidays are upon us, and for many that means baking, wrapping, peppermint lattes, and shopping! We've gathered 100 Merchants for a very exciting shopping event! Bigger than our inworld shopping event from SL15B, this shop-stravaganza spans 5 full Regions, with some layover areas where you can cam shop! All 100 Merchants have provided a free gift (and in some cases more than one per stop) and some generous discounts on some of their most popular products.  

Stop by Aurelian, Gilded, Golden, Halycon, and Tinseled between now and January 4th to catch all the deals and grab all the gifts. 

Click here for a list of locations for the event in the Destination Guide.

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