Saturday, December 26, 2020

Announcement: New Ride at Santa's North Pole on Down's


The Duchy of Downs is happy to announce the opening of the new Santa Sleigh Ride. This is a wonderful ride that travels through every region across all of Caledon! You travel high and low seeing many sights of our wonderful state. The ride is located at Santa’s workshop floating above the Goblin Cave. To get there you can use the attached landmark to the train station. There you will take the special Christmas train #25 on a ride up to Santa’s home and workshops. There is much to see around Santa’s estate so look all around. To get a sleigh ride head over to the elves workshop where a sleigh being loaded is parked and then touch the sleigh Santa will appear with his eight reindeer. The rider will carry two and you have 30 seconds to board by right click and select “sit”. Should something hold you up and he takes off simply touch the sleigh for another. In closing I do apologize for the late start of this as it became a much more involved construction due to many land restrictions and my own real life matters.

Duchy of Caledon Downs

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