Monday, December 14, 2020

"Shop and Hop" Open, Linden Snowball Fight This Friday


For those whom love Christmas shopping events, the official one by Linden Lab, the "Shop and "Hop," is now open, with nine sims of stores.

Our 2020 Winter Shop & Hop is now open with 180 participating Merchants, 9 shopping regions, and tons of ideas for all your holiday shopping needs! It will be held till January 3rd, 2021.

In the great gift of giving, most Merchants have provided at least one gift (no group needed) to share with you this holiday season and have put deep discounts on many of their top products.

On the Lab Gab on Friday December 11, Strawberry and Tara Linden took a look at the shopping area. They also took a look at the Linden Winter Wonderland, and the area where the Linden Snowball Fights take place. 

... there will be two of them on December 18th at the Linden & Resident Snowball Fight, at 10am PT and again at 2pm PT. Get your warm clothes and throwing arms ready for the snowball showdown of the year! You can pelt your fellow Second Life Residents and Lindens with a bevy of sparkling snowballs, launched fresh from the snow arsenal available at the arena. If you can’t make it inworld yourself, you can watch the live streams on youtube at 10am PT and 2pm PT

As the announcement states, this month's Linden Snowball Fight will take place Friday December 18. There are actually two fights, from 10 to 11 AM SL time, and 2 to 3 PM SL time.

 To read more, check the Linden blog here.

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