Tuesday, December 8, 2020

New Land Just Off East Bellisseria


Good news for those waiting for Linden Homes. Just off the coast of northeast Eastern Bellisseria dozens of new sims have popped up.

Due to how touchy the map has gotten lately, making the landscape vanish at times when zoomed out, I can't get a picture of the whole of them. It looks like they're all beach areas and piers, which suggests houseboats, and the beach houses seen at the Second Life Birthday in June.

A number of these new sims have amusing names, such as Otter Limits, Littoral Truth, Popeye, Octopus Garden, Shore Thing, Squeegee, Rock Lobster, Strait Home, Mussel Beach, Mellow Submarine, and others.

The Newser hasn't heard a date when these sims and their homes will be open. But one unknown Mole left a clue, the letters "S O O N" over four sims on the map.

Bixyl Shuftan

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