Friday, December 11, 2020

Announcement: This Saturday at The Science Circle - "Recent Developments at Chemistry World"


"Recent Developments at Chemistry World"

Saturday December 12, 

10 AM to 11 AM SL time

Chemistry World was established as a joint venture between Texas A&M University and the Florida Institute of Technology by Dr. K (Dr. Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt) and Winkelmann Teichmann (Dr. Kurt Winkelman) as part of NSF-funded research to examine the effectiveness of virtual worlds in the teaching of chemistry content. They worked with Xandi Mars and Random Cole, SL designers who are based in Texas and who work extensively with Texas A&M.  The results of the study were published in the Journal of Chemical Education. The result is an asset to the chemistry education community in Second Life which supports a realistic teaching environment which includes a laboratory, a classroom, offices to meet with TAs/faculty, and space to “hang out”. In addition there is an area for practicing camera skills, and a series of platforms which host two laboratory experiments which include an ideal gas law activity and a precipitation titration activity.

Amidst the SARS-COVID-2 pandemic in late Spring 2020, Dr. Shaw assumed management of the region.  The idea was to use its facilities to supplement the lab activities for a freshman chemistry for engineers course in Fall 2020. In spring 2021, it will be used to supplement an advanced Bioinorganic chemistry class. This tour will highlight the facilities built as part of the original study, will show the current builds of 3D bioinorganic models, and will show the current state of the Solid-State Models activity developed since April 2020. The logistics of implementing these SL activities will be described.

 Organizers: Dr. Mike Shaw and Dustin Pumford

 For more information, Click Here.

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