Monday, December 28, 2020

Man of the Year: Draxtor Despress

There's been plenty of news this year in Second Life, and plenty of men and women behind it. In real life, the Coronavirus Pandemic cast a dark shadow over the world, and more people than before found themselves looking for things to do online. To bring them to Second Life, there had to be something to advertise the virtual world, and show them what was going on.

Someone helping out with both was Draxtor Despress, (Bernhard Drax in real life). Not just this year, but for the past several. Originally known for his "Flufee" videos made with Pooky Amsterdam, in 2013 he started a new series of informative videos about Second Life, "The Drax Files." This was followed in 2013 with "The Drax Files Radio Hour." In 2018, he produced a documentary film, "Our Digital Selves: My Avatar Is Me," which was about 13 Second Life residents whom overcame their various disabilities and made a home for themselves here. His work continued with the Second Life Destination videos in 2019, and this year he began hosting the Second Life Book Club.

For his work this year and in years past, Draxtor Despress is judged to be the Newser's Man of the Year.

Bixyl Shuftan
Editor, SL Newser


  1. I agree!!!!!!
    -- John Myers

  2. Bixyl thank you so much! I feel honored that the SL community is rewarding me with trust and so many residents speak to me to share their stories. It is a dream come true to give back like this and let marginalized voices be heard. May I also add that originally I started producing news reportages in 2007 and the biggest piece was probably "Virtual Guantanamo" which allowed me a much bigger platform to pursue the "Kansas to Cairo" project in 2009 and before that the Sundance Film Festival appearance surrounding the "Deep Down" documentary where we were nominated for an Emmy. Here is a playlist - I gotta write a book sometime. Happy 2021 Bixyl and team and onward!!!