Monday, March 11, 2019

Linden Lab "Introducing Second Life Destinations : A New Travelogue Video Series"

On March 6, Linden Lab launched "a new weekly video travelogue series" that it calls "Second Life Destinations." The purpose of the series is to put the spotlight on "some of the incredible experiences and events created by Residents within the virtual world of Second Life." The Lab says there will be one location a week mentioned.

In this series, we’ll highlight different places focusing in on the beauty and imaginative possibilities in no more than 60-90 seconds so that you can get a quick peek at the creations and communities inside each virtual space. At times we may even speak to creators of theses spaces so they can shed some light on what inspired them. Look for each new episode on our blog and social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

This week, we explore Bay City’s popular self-proclaimed “beatnik hang-out space” The Pen. Here you can grab an espresso and join the community for conversation, book readings and good times! The venue also hosts “Espresso Yourself,” an open mic night held on the first Tuesday of the month from 6-8 p.m. (Pacific).

The video of the location was taken at Marianne Mccann's recent 13th rezzday party. Grace  Dunnough was the singer featured. One can head to The Pen at Bay City - Mashpee (76/48/25), and the venue has it's own website at .

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