Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Press Release: Bid Me Bald All Aboard Challenge

The Relay Rockers, In Celebration of our, and RFL of SL’s 15th Anniversary, challenge all teams to join us in a Bid Me Bald Team Event, The Bid Me Bald - All Aboard Challenge.

From April 5 thru April 14th the  Rockers will place Kiosks in Arinultra Cay for each team that joins. At 3pm April 14th the Kiosks will be totaled and the Challenge Winner will Shave the Head of the lowest total team.

                                           *This is NOT a Relay Rockers Fund Raiser*
                                           ? ? ? ? ? ? For More Info Contact ? ? ? ? ? ?
Polaris Grayson, Yasamine Grayson, Trader Whiplash
                                            ? ? ? ? ? ? How It Works ? ? ? ? ? ?

1) Your team kiosk will be placed out by one of the Relay Rockers at the Bid Me Bald Barbershop.

2) The kiosk will be available for donations starting April 5. 

3) Donations will not be accepted after 3pm slt April 14

4) Totals of All Kiosks will determine the Days : 1 Day Bald for All team members  for each L$10,000

5) Only the official Kiosk, placed by the Relay Rockers will be used to determine winners and Total days bald.

6) Official Kiosks will be configured for each individual team and count toward their team totals.

7) Team Kiosks that fail to raise at least L$1000 will be removed before the final accounting, and will not be    considered for Haircuts

8) On April 14 at 3pm slt, Final Totals will be calculated and the top fundraising team will cut the hair of the lowest fundraising team!

                                           ? ? ?  ? ? ?   FAQ  ? ? ? ? ? ?

? Do I need to Rez a Kiosk?
No Need, We've Got You Covered!   The Rockers Will Rez a Kiosk configured for YOUR TEAM at the Barber Shop on the Boardwalk at Arinultra Cay

? Does My Team Get the Donations?
ABSOLUTELY.   Each team that enters will have kiosk rezzed and configured for YOUR TEAM

? Can I fund raise online for this event?
Sorry.  This is a Kiosk Based Challenge. While the Rockers strongly urge every team to fundraise online we  can not determine what online donations are dedicated to the event.

? Can I rez a kiosk at my own venue for this event?
NOPE   The totals in the "OFFICIAL BID ME BALD KIOSKS" At Arinultra Cay are the ONLY Totals that count!

? Can I fund raise before April 5th?
No! Only donations in the OFFICIAL BID ME BALD KIOSKS received between April 5th and April 14th count!

? Should I advertise?
Of course!  The Rockers will post on SL Events, will request a Message of the Day and (on April 4th) provide signs with landmarks SL Map link to help get your donors to your kiosk, but any and all promotion is welcomed!

                                   ? ? ? ? ? ? Tips and Best Practices ? ? ? ? ? ?

? Set a team goal to raise for the event.  If you surpass that goal, set a new one that is higher

? From now until April 4th, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your family, friends, acquaintances, groups in Second

Life and ask them to help your team reach its Bid Me Bald Team Goal by donating to your team's kiosk at the Bid Me Bald Barbershop. When Bidding opens April 5th send them all the Landmark to your kiosk and ASK Again.

? Advertise on Social Media to reach a broader base. You will be surprised who will donate.

? During the dates of April 5 - 14, periodically check ALL the Team Bid Me Bald Kiosks.  Are you in last place?  Now is a good time to step up your fundraising push.

?  Remember.. YOU ARE A FUNDRAISER.... we are not asking you to donate (you can if you like of course).       Ask ... Ask.. Ask... everyone you know and even those you don't to help you reach your goal.

? On April 14 at 3pm SLT, please have your team at the Barbershop for the final total count and see what team will have their hair cut!    The top fundraising team will cut the hair of the lowest fundraising team!

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