Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Yinglet Avatar Release Party in Montecito Bay's Avagora, Saturday 6PM

Some good news for the fans of the "Out of Placers" online comic by Valsalia. The Yinglets, the nonhumans in the story that the main character ends up becoming very familiar with, are about to have an avatar in Second Life based on them.

Yinglets are bento rigged.
They have male and female chests.
Two colors included, bento rigged mesh with bento rigged jaws, ears, tails, fingers. This avatar is a Yinglet through and through.
900L for the avatar.
Working staff get it free, staff are welcome to preorder.
Devkit: dummy rig files and UV/PSDs. (if he finishes it in time, it will be offered early to skin creators, I need to know who all is interested,)

The release party is at the Avagora mall high over Montecito Bay. The event is from 6 to 8 PM SL time. There will be a raffle with one winner

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