Monday, March 11, 2019

Second Life Fraternity and Sorority Taking Photos For Kidney Disease Awareness

Beginning last week, I began hearing notices about a campaign going on, one to raise awareness, and a little cash. They were from a Cobalt Niles-Jones Hoffman.

Cobalt Niles-Jones Hoffman I have loved ones, a friend, and two co-workers diagnosed and living with Chronic Kidney Disease. I have witness wonderful people with delicate lives having to change priorities, and direction because they developed CKD. The very things we take for granted: living day-to-day care free, and unconcerned about our health, are the very thing hemodialysis patients must cling to and never lose grip. Daily treatments, medication and medical monitoring, the increased risk of infections, maintaining and caring for their arteriovenous fistula’s or other access points, and much more… Learning that you have developed kidney disease can be a very dramatic experience that can affect one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As a result of my personal relationships with someone having CKD, I’ve yearned to educate myself in order to better Understand, Fully Support, and Help Prevent Kidney Disease. I ASK THAT YOU PLEASE JOIN ME! “…TELL YOUR STORY…” MARCH IS “NATIONAL KIDNEY MONTH” & THURSDAY, MARCH 14TH, 2019 is “WORLD KIDNEY DAY”

I messaged Coltbalt to ask about it. Colbat answered, "It's a Facebook Photo Drive. ....   this is a very real disease that affect our loved ones, our friends, and of all ages.  Tonight a lady share her story with us of how she was diagnosed with CKD at 8 yrs old. She had had two kidney transplants. March Is National Kidney Month, and we will be running this Photo Campaign all month bring about the awareness to Chronic Kidney Disease. ... This campaign is dear to my heart. We want everyone involved and everyone listening. But most of all we want those with kidney disease to know that 'THEY ARE NOT ALONE'."

I would later drop in the sim where he was. He was with Gregorian Lytton whom was also with his SL fraternity, Mu Sigma Nu. As the Greek letter Sigma resembles the letter "E," the badge on their belts looked like the initials were M-E-N. When chatted for a bit, and I posed for a picture, which was placed among others on their Facebook page (located here). In the corner of the pictures are links to the American Kidney Fund website at .

A week later, the photo drive is still going on and still raising awareness.

Bixyl Shuftan

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