Monday, March 18, 2019

Announcement: Sunweaver Easter Hunt 2019 - Dungeons and Dragon's Eggs

This Easter, from Mar14 through the week after Easter, the Sunweavers are holding their annual Easter egg hunt.  14 eggs wait for you to  find them.  Just wear the Easter basket you get from the chocolate bunny at the entrance, and touch the eggs as you find them.  Then they appear in the basket.  Simple, right?

oh yes -- simple.  Except this year they are DRAGON eggs, and are hidden in the catacombs of SunWaterTwo. 

But not to worry.  This years' egg hunt doesn't have traps and monsters. This years... next year, who knows.  But what good is a dungeon crawl without treasure? 

There are two prizes.  The first 3 people to find all 14 Easter eggs in the dungeons, win 1000L apeice.  And anyone finding all of them, gets a special prize with a steampunk flair that you can't buy in any store (yet.)

The eggs are cleverly hidden.  But they aren't unfindable.  But of course, there are some rules:

* the eggs will never be underwater
* the eggs will never be outside the dungeons
* the eggs will never be inside something -- you can see it without
opening anything.

Basically they will all be where you can see them just standing there, walking about the catacombs.

Shockwave Yareach

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