Sunday, March 24, 2019

RFL Announcement: SLCS and Safe Water Foundation Underwater themed Funday Concert

Tomorrow from 9 am sl to 9 pm sl SLCS will be teaming up with the Merfolk of Safe Waters Foundation for a 12 hours Relay for Life concert. Singers Slated to attend are the following. I have included the LM for the event and bios of all the singers in the NC

9-10 Lisa Brune
10-11 Harmonia and SS
11-12 Lyric Serendipity
12-1 Phemie Garfield
1-2 ChicagoSax
2-3 Luke Auster
3-4 Luvofmusic
4-5 Laidback Celt
5-6 Hojo Warf
6-7 Jimmy Soundz
7-8 Ronnie
8-9 Mark (singingit2ya)

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