Saturday, December 26, 2020

"Season's Greetings from Linden Lab"


 There's been a number of Christmas well-wishes going around. And among them was one on the Second Life forums from Linden Lab, posted by Strawberry Linden.

2020 has been quite the year for everyone, all around the world. We wanted to take a moment to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. I thought I would do another employee campaign, similar to the SL17B campaign that I did back in June. This time I asked different teams to volunteer for a seasonal image. The following are the teams that volunteered, and the last image is (almost) all of us, right after one of our All Hands Meetings!

Besides the group picture above, there's screenshots of the Executive, Tila, Engineering/Ops, Infra/Payme, Concierge, Marketing, and QA teams. There was also a picture of the furry (and feral & tiny) Lindens. 

For pictures of individual Lindens, one can check out Strawberry's "Meet The Employees" thread in June, and the Linden Lab Employees Flickr page.

  Source: Second Life forums

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